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Hi. I’m Logan Legend. Welcome to VRCosplay Mate! This is where I’m going to be talking about all things VR porn and VR cosplay porn! What is VR porn? You should know by now. What is VR Cosplay Porn? You should know by now suckers, but I understand if you don’t! Even though, if you don’t, you’re dumb. I mean, come on! What could it possibly be?!? It’s VR Porn with a cosplay theme! And if you’re here, reading this, you’re either a fan of cosplay, or at least curious about it.

VR Cosplay porn Overwatch Tracer Widowmaker VRCosplay Porn Parody Giant medium
That’s me and Zoe Doll from VR Cosplay Overwatch (I wish)

10 new videos added to Free VR Cosplay Porn Tube, including new Zoe Doll!
40 new videos added to VR Cosplay Porn Tube!
New! Check out my brand Another NEW VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch song!
VR Cosplay Overwatch Vox Part 2
New! Check out VR Cosplay Overwatch FB Vox!
Legend of Zelda VR Cosplay Porn Movie Review
New VR Cosplay Legend of Zelda Music Video!
VR Cosplay Porn GIANT: Princess Peach
New GIANT VR Copslay Image section
Giant VRCosplay Overwatch Poster 2.0

I’m not buying traffic. Anybody who reaches this site is getting here via a search engine, and if you’ve gotten here via Google, then you searched for cosplay or cosplay porn or vr cosplay porn. <– Keywords that you type. The result of which is that my site came up on the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for that search, and you were interested enough to tap or click. So: Welcome.

Pokemon VR Cosplay porn parody misty blowjob thumb 300
Pokemon VR Cosplay | Water Pokemon Misty
Anyway, if you’re like me, you’re painfully shy in public. Meeting people in person is rough. I look in the mirror, I don’t like what I see. I want to look like they look in a magazine. And I isn’t some idiot. I know there’s a difference between real life and Photoshop. But there are plenty of girls today that look nearly as good in real life. Paparazzi search your favorite idol. Some of them hold up to scrutiny. Lizzy Caplan is one. Jessica Boone, of Devil Survivor 2, Unlimited Saga, and 1,000 manga looks the same wherever she goes, and on whatever she appears. I want to be like that.
League of Legends VR Cosplay parody Anissa Kate Nidalee nine-tailed fox Giant thumb 300
VR Cosplay League of Legends

I’m never going to be like that. I take horrible photos, and I have angles that are really really awful. You shoot me in those angles, and I see the photos, I want to die. I can’t think about anything else. Only how awful they look. I’m a neurotic when it comes to that. So you’re never going to see me! Ha!

VR Cosplay Tracer & Widowmaker from Overwatch VR Cosplay parody

In VRCosplayMate.com, I review all the VR Porn sites, and within those sites, the individual VR Cosplay porn videos. At this point, all the sites is one site: VRCosplayX.com.

VRCosplay porn set of Overwatch video game VR porn parody. Tracer in bomber jacket and gun inside a futuristic building in Russia.
Overwatch VR Cosplay Porn | Tracer
I’m also including bio pages of all of the standout stars in the VR porn videos I review. So you’ll know more about them in case you get hooked on them as a result of my sizzling hot reviews!

I’ve included an About Me page too, and that may expand into something else, something more interesting. Who knows. I’m keeping it as a place that I can use for random content. At this point I just talk about my boring old self, the one who wishes she was something close to a hero in real life!

league of legends vr cosplay porn ahri (played by porn star PussyKat) conjuring for Nidalee in full champion costume giant thumb 300
LOL VR Cosplay Porn | Ahri Conjures
There is no shortage of review sites out there, but I think Logan Legend’s review site is as unique as she is! Check out my review of VR Cosplay porn parody of Overwatch, or my look at VR porn’s answer to League of Legends, or VR Cosplay Pokemon or VR Cosplay Super Marion Run! You can also get my take on the Harry Potter VR Cosplay porn movie, the Grand Theft Auto VR Cosplay movie, the Assassin’s Creed VR Cosplay video, and the VR Cosplay Final Fantasy movie. I’ll be adding more and more all the time, so keep coming back!
VR Cosplay Ghost in the Shell porn parody Motoko plugged in and asleep giant thumb 300
Ghost in the Shell VR Cosplay | Major Motoko
Since I’m in love with the Overwatch parody, you’ll be seeing Tracer and Widowmaker throughout. Along with plenty of hot photos, my reviews include trailers from each VR Cosplay movie, too!

Newsflash: I’m an amateur musician. Since I don’t know a lot of people, I do it all myself (a one-woman-band). I’ve been enjoying the VR Cosplay porn so much, I decided to start

VR Cosplay Super Mario Run Blondie Fesser Princess Peach on couch giant thumb 300
VR Cosplay Porn Super Mario | Princess Peach
making anthems, or maybe they’re themes, inspired by the movies. The sound is definitely trip-hop, and I’ve been using samples of the porn stars voices, and dubbing them into the song. For example, in the Overwatch song, you can hear Tracer and Widowmaker contributing to the music. I think they’re coming out ok so far.

LOZ VR Cosplay porn parody. Crowned Zelda moaning.

Newsflash: Specific to the information above about music, I’m really, really digging making these songs! So much so I made some VR Cosplay Porn music videos about them! Well, they’re more slideshows than videos, but they provide some visual stimulation, along with the aural kicks!

Newsflash: Added a new section devoted to giant VR Cosplay Images that I manipulated in Photoshop. I’m trying to take these real photos that I got from VRCosplayX.com, and do my best to make them look like manga comic panels. It’s a labor of love. That means I’m enjoying it.

VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch image featuring tracer holding google cardboard to head

FREE VR Cosplay Overwatch Trailer

VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch Parody widowmaker Giant med

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