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My name is Logan Legend. That’s what I wish my name was. I was born in Los Angeles, USA. Don’t hold that against me. There’s going to be a lot of that now that we put a Reality TV star in the Oval Office.

I made this blog for two legitimate reasons. To explore my passion for cosplay, role-playing and pornography. I feel like it all comes together because of VR porn, and more specifically, of late, VR Cosplay Porn. The other reason: Money. I’m hoping that enough of you out there like what I’ve got to say, that it’ll inspire you to subscribe to the premium VR porn sites I’m promoting via banners and links, and that you’ll click my banners and links to do it. You type in VRCosplayX.com, you’ll have a great time, but I don’t make any money off of it. We’ve all got bills to pay.

In VRCosplayMate.com, I’m reviewing specific VR Cosplay Porn movies. You’ll discover that they’re written erotically, like erotic stories that mirror the action occurring in the virtual reality porn movies. That was not my original intent. I was planning on doing straight, stricty-business reviews. Put on my Samsung Gear VR unit, and record my observations in real time with QuickTime as I watched. Best laid plans of mice and Logan Legend. It didn’t turn out that way; turned out being a lot more fun and intense than I expected. So I’m rolling with it, this hybrid review/erotica format. Hope you like it.

Virtual Reel and Real Reel are terms I use a fair amount in the reviews. Made those up (maybe I’ll make a Nomenclature or Glossary page in here). It’s how I separate the real ‘me’ from the virtual reality ‘me’. Everything is a reel of film on a spool, whether that spool is in my head or on HMD I use for playing VR games and watching VR porn. It all gets a little freaky–in a good way–because on the Real Reel I’m a woman, and on the Virtual Reel I’m usually a guy. That’s because most VR porn is from a male point of view right now.

I’m a late comer to Virtual Reality and VR porn. Since it’s still early in the tech’s life cycle, I’m technically an early adopter, but plenty of you out there were on board before me. My intro was pretty exotic. I was at the Porn Film Festival in Berlin, sitting in on a talk with three VR porn studio heads: Michelle Flynn from LightSouthern.com, Todd Glider from BaDoinkVR.com and Nina of Ersties.com.

The way they spoke about Virtual Reality and VR porn got me awfully curious. So did the enthusiasm from the crowd. One wild woman in particular–I found out later she goes by the name Bella Meow–expressed such excitement and encouragement, I had to give it a chance. In his blog, Todd Glider devotes a short, uninspired post about the VR porn panel, where he mentions a fist pump. That was Bella Meow doing the fist pumping.  Plus, in the interest of full disclosure, barrier to entry for me was very low. I was already sporting a Gear VR compatible Samsung phone at the time.

I’m a pretty shy person by nature. I grew up a bookish, quiet girl in a boring town. I wore thick glasses, didn’t know how to dress myself fashionably (parents didn’t either), and had a lisp up until the 6th grade. Felt like an outcast, and dreamed of having friends like the outcasts in movies had, but never really did. I’m a Capricorn.

Now, if you’ve never been to Los Angeles, that ‘boring town’ may sound like a contradiction. Los Angeles is Hollywood, fashion, arts, entertainment. And yeah, there is that. But most of Los Angeles, it’s just a giant network of suburbs. Strip malls everywhere. You’ve got to drive everywhere. I’m from Sherman Oaks, which is in “The Valley,” or San Fernando valley if you want to be specific. There are definitely cooler parts of Los Angeles, like Santa Monica and Silver Lake.

It’s pretty ironic that I’m from The Valley though, since that was the center of porn for a long, long time. Where all the porn studios were located.

Email: logan@vrcosplaymate.com
Twitter: @VRCosplayMate

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