VR Cosplay Overwatch FB Vox (Part 2)

VR Cosplay Tracer Widowmaker Overwatch Porn Parody Giant medium

If you’re reading this out of sequence, a little back story. This is a conversation between me and a gamer who calls himself Caleb on the Virtual Reel. We’ve a shared interest in all things VR Cosplay Porn, with a particular sweet spot for VR Cosplay Overwatch. This transmission occurred the day after the first one.

Hey, Logan. I’m back. You there?
Yes! Glad. And that means that wasn’t a one-night thing last night. A VR Cosplay Overwatch dream, never to be seen again.
You’re a poet.
No way. I’ve read real poets. I’m not that.
Taking a compliment. Not your strong suit.
It’s a problem. Sorry. Thanks.
VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch image featuring tracer holding google cardboard to head
Where were we?
I’m cozied up next to you in a Volskaya Industries bunker, my Hanzo-esque hunk of danger.
And VR Cosplay Widowmaker is staring at us, amazed at how hot we are. She’s masturbating, forgetting about Tracer even, wanting to make VR Cosplay Porn with us instead.
I like the way you think, Logan Legend. But I think Tracer’s part of the whole thing, I’m holding you up, and touching you in a way that, like it’s easier for me to imagine with a picture, and they’re mirroring us, getting in the same position we’re in. And I’m picturing this.
VR Cosplay Overwatch Porn Parody - Tracer kisses Widowmaker in Russian bunker
Who’s who? Are you Widowmaker? I gotta be Tracer. She’s my VR Cosplay porn dream girl. Plus, you’re probably taller than me.
Right. I’m Widowmaker. I tower over you, Legend. I’m practically twice your size. So picture that we’re leading the choreography, but that VR Cosplay Tracer and VR Cosplay Widowmaker are totally mirroring our actions.
Where they’re touching each other, they’re touching each other.
We’re touching each other.
That’s what I meant. So I’ve got my hand on your chest, Hanzo-Widowmaker, and I’m looking to give you a kiss.
Yeah. And you can’t see it, Logan Legend Tracer, but my arm is straining to grab a handful of that ass of yours.
Well, this horny VR Cosplay porn girl had better cozy up a little closer so you can grab as much of it as you can.
Do that. Yeah. That makes touching you easier. Especially since my little VR Cosplay Tracer is wearing crotchless leggings.
I never leave home without them, Widowmaker. And now, I’m tweaking your VR Cosplay Overwatch nipple, thinking how it would be nice to lean in and taste it in my tongue. Loll my tongue around.
I like that, Tracer. Nice and slow. Go ahead and do it. Me, I’m also thinking my left hand could be doing something.
Mmm. Good. What? Pray tell? I smell your sweat, Widowmaker. I dig it. Tells me I’m getting you hot, turning you on. I think you’re going to notice me starting to type slower if you know what I MEAN
I know it. I’m there. I’ve got the same handicap right now. But that’s ok.
Yeah, it’s pretty good.
Shit. Fucking phone. Sorry.

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