VR Cosplay Overwatch FB Vox (Part 1)

Widowmaker from VR Cosplay Porn Parody Overwatch stares into camera in full character costume masturbating

I’ve made some new friends since creating this website. One of them calls himself Caleb, the Wise. I can only call him Caleb, though. It’s not his real name. He’s not going to worry about my reprinting some of our VR Cosplay Porn talk. The picture above of Overwatch Widowmaker, played by Alexa Tomas, was the subject of the part of the conversation I’m showing here.

Caleb, I’m pretty tired. I should go to bed.
Don’t go to bed yet, Logan. I want to talk a little more.
I like talking. I’m tired. I’m in bed. Long day. I’m spending so much time focused on VR Cosplay porn, and then there’s my job.
Candles burning at both ends.
Yes. Candle’s a waxy mess of sweat and the crushing dreams of my VR Cosplay Porn fantasies.
I’m tired, too. Did you look at that picture I sent you?
Yes. VR Cosplay Widowmaker. I did. I’m probably going to put it up if you don’t mind. So hot.
I don’t mind at all. It’d be…I’d be honored
Come on. Now you’re really laying it on.
That’s what I’d like to be doing. Laying it on you. Sorry. That’s a little…
No. Probably the sweetest thing someone’s said to me in. In a while.
Cause I kind of imagine you when I look at this picture. Liked that look Widowmaker’s wearing. Like she’s looking at you, getting turned on.
VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch parody with Widowmaker in helmet sucking cock
You’re veering off into my VR Cosplay Overwatch fantasy land now, Caleb. You better be careful.
Since I don’t know what you look like in your, on your Real Reel as you call it, I draw off of your self-portrait.
That works for me.
And I picture me there with you.
Haven’t seen your avatar.
I’ve been a little nervous about showing you. Yours is wayest cool. I mean Overwatch Comic-Con cool
So just kind of explain. What would your avatar remind me of, then I can maybe picture us both there, like Widowmaker is getting off on watching us both, and not just me while you’re a fly on a wall at Volskaya Industries.
Think of me like Hanzo.
Would like to see him getting busy in a VR Cosplay Overwatch movie that is a truth.
Fucking awesome! I’m like him, my avatar I mean, so Overwatch Hanzo with a mohawk.
I could get with that. But you mind if we…tomorrow. I’m just so tired. The VR Cosplay Porn has me using up all my brainwaves.
If you promise you’re not going to block me after this conversation!
No way. I like talking to you.

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