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Starring as Widowmaker in VR Porn Overwatch Parody

Alexa Thomas porn star dressed as Overwatch character Widowmaker for VRCosplayX shoot
Alexa Thomas in her role as Overwatch’s Widowmaker

Alexa Thomas (Twitter: @AlexaTomasX) or Tomas, depending upon the role, hails from Spain. She offers private video chats on, and she’ll even do a live couples show if you want. She’s 5’6″ tall, and a Pisces, born on March 19, 1985. In addition to her VR porn role as Overwatch’s Widowmaker in‘s video game parody of Overwatch, the aptly titled Overcrotch, she’s performed in dozens and dozens of of porn videos, among them Public Disgrace, Sun Stroke, and Pussy O Ploma 4 for studios like Evil Angel, Marc Dorcel and Private.

She’s got a super-hot athletic body, and she looks, in real life, how I look in my dreams. In my review of the Overwatch VR porn parody, I write about what it might be like to fuck her.

Alexa’s porn career started later than most. She’s only been at it since 2014. If I was talking to her I’d definitely want to ask. “What were you doing for work before porn?” “What prompted or inspired you to get into porn in your late 20s?” “How was shooting VR porn Overwatch different from your other roles?”

vr cosplay porn widowmaker overwatch banner 300x120

Alexa Tomas Bonus Photos

vr cosplay porn overwatch widowmaker tracer in full costume pov overhead blowjob giant thumb 300

Overwatch Overhead Blowjob
vr overwatch tracer ass and widowmaker face staring at camera | giant thumb 300

Widowmaker Face | Tracer Ass
VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch Parody tracer and widowmaker having sex giant image thumb 300

VR Copslay Tracer | Widowmaker
VR Cosplay Tracer Widowmaker Overwatch Porn Parody Giant thumb 300

VR Cosplay Overwatch 1.0
VR Cosplay Widowmaker Overwatch VR Cosplay Porn Giant thumb 300

VR Cosplay Widowmaker
VR Cosplay Porn Tracer Widowmaker Overwatch comic Porn Parody Giant Thumb

VR Cosplay Overwatch 2.0

Alexa Tomas VR Porn Trailers

VR Cosplay Porn Overwatch: Video Preview

VR Cosplay Tracer & Widowmaker from Overwatch VR Cosplay parody

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