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Starring as Ahri, 9-Tailed Fox, in VR Cosplay Porn League of Legends Parody

PussyKat starring as Ahri in VR Cosplay porn League of Legends parodyThe winner of countless awards, PussyKat (Twitter: @PussyKat_prod), co-star of VR Cosplay porn movie Cream of Legends, a parody of the bestselling League of Legends video game, was born on April 16, 1990, in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, making her a Taurus. She’s 5’2”, and her measurements are 33 (fake D)-24-30. It’s going to sound obnoxious, but for all her good looks—she bears a resemblance to Tila Tequila but don’t hold it against her—and irresistible petite charms, I like her pussy most. I wish mine looked so perfect.

And I’ve seen more of her than just the one VR cosplay porn video I reviewed for this site. Whenever I watch on of her videos, or check out an image gallery, her pussy looks exquisite. Some girls are simply born lucky. She’s been performing for 5 years. Is it possible that her pussy looked even more perfect before that? Can’t imagine.

Like so many Asian porn stars, PussyKat hasn’t got a lot of junk in the trunk. But that doesn’t mean she’s shy about putting it to use. It would be funny if anal was easier for girls with big asses than those with little or no asses. That doesn’t make any sense, though.

Lately, she’s been starring in a lot of VR porn videos for different studios, but she may be most famous for starring in some pretty extreme movies. She doesn’t shy away from fisting, BDSM, any kinds of fetish content. That’s quite a lot packed into a small package!

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League of Legends (LOL)

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VR Cosplay Porn League of Legends Trailer

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