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Major Motoko Kusangi is the hero of Ghost in the Shell. Since 1989, she’s been fighting cyberterrorism. Very progressive and forward-thinking on the part of the seinen manga series creator. Not sure how much cyberterrorism there was back then. Motoko, herself not entirely human, has it all. She’s physical strong and totally brilliant. One of the things I’ve always liked about Motoko, and more so now with my immersion in VR Cosplay Porn, is her struggle to fully understand her femininity. Kusangi has, in the past, even participated in a threesome with Ran and Kurutan. Friends with benefits has existed far longer than the witty epithet. She has a boyfriend, unnamed, who works in Section One. Is he a beard?

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The VR Cosplay porn parody of Ghost in the Shell opens on a claustrophobic space, with cool blue, flickering light. Kusangi is motionless on the edge of a minimalist couch, wearing a black leather jacket and thigh-high pink stockings. More conspicuously, cables extend from the ceiling, plugged into her back. Prone, in a kind of suspended animation, her body has a rag doll quality about it, just kind of dangling there.

Time to wake up, sleepy head. I reach over her back and fuss with the cables, then take a step back. She’s a dangerous character, even if I work for her. The last thing I need is to be sliced in half trying to wake my boss.

“Oh, it’s you. Is there any lead on the case? Why did you wake me up?”

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I don’t respond. She rises to her feet, which are covered in black work boots.

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“Is there something wrong? Oh. You just wanted to see me. Why? You know, sometimes, when I look at you deeply, I feel like there is somebody watching me through your eyes. And it turns me on.”

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Me, too, Major! She leans and gives me a kiss, then sits back down on the couch. The actress playing Motoko in VR Cosplay Ghost in the Shell is Zenda Sexy, and what I like about her immediately as she begins attending to the zipper on my pants is her eyes. They’re big, the kind that work wonders towards creating a connection in VR Cosplay Porn movies. She pulls my cock out. I’m already hard, and slips it into her mouth.

VR Cosplay Ghost in the shell parody starring Zenda Sexy as Major MotokoLLTO (Logan Legend Time Out): Normally, I watch VRCosplayX.com movies at my desk, but I’m starting to think that’s a mistake. The last time I did that, when I watched Legend of Zelda, I got so excited my iMac fell over. So I’m playing it safer today, sitting on the edge of my bed (I live in a studio apartment; no couch) with my Samsung Gear VR on. If I get super excited, no chance I break anything or hurt myself.

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She stops then to remove her jacket, revealing a creamy purple latex bikini top that hugs her very large breasts like a comic book super-hero. Then it’s back to my cock. She has this way about sucking it, a fluid motion, that includes her gloved hands, which stroke my shaft, brace against my pelvis as she rhythmic glides it in and out. Her eyes are locked on mine, and that’s what gets me horniest, that’s what brings the heat in me on the Real Reel.

Motoko gives blowjob in VR Cosplay porn ghost in the shell parody“Come here,” she says. She wants to climb on top of me, so I take a seat on a chair behind me, stretch my legs out across the couch, and she mounts my upper thighs, slowly removing her top, and revealing those large, natural breasts. She stretches and kneads them, arching closer to me. Her areolae are puffy, and a soft, caramel apple brown. She has lovely round shoulders, too, and her thighs, straddling me, and pressed against my hips, look so pretty and milky white.

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There’s a shadow in the hollow of her inner thigh shaped like a star. That leads to her black panties, with purple trim that matches the rest of her uniform, and the purple highlights in her black hair. With her left hand, she pulls the crotch of her panties left, revealing the folds of her fully-shaven vulva. She licks her long fingers and begins working it expertly, index and middle finger spreading her labia open, then moving with all four fingers against the hood of her clit, eyes shutting, leaning back on her haunches, letting her hands do the driving, getting into it, all trance-like.

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Her pussy is noticeably wet, and I think mine is too. She slips the index finger of her right hand all the way in. She’s got some long fingers poking out of those gloves, and I wouldn’t mind at all feeling them on me. Motoko begins to rock fore and aft, moaning now, her eyes squinting, then shutting for a minute. Then she leans in toward me, and that’s when I’m realizing she’s still plugged into those cables. But hey, we’re in this together. This is VR Cosplay Porn. With my HMD on, I’m just as plugged in as you are.

VR Cosplay Ghost in the Shell set with Motoko squatting on agent and holding her breasts in blue roomShe presses her hand down on my chest on the Virtual Reel, and in that position, begins grinding her pussy against my cock, the head of which you can kind of glimpse as it rubs against her pussy through those panties. This makes me wonder what it’s like to be a guy, with hard pectoral muscles. So different from breasts. Look. Touch. Feel. That’s the immersive nature of virtual reality general, and VR cosplay porn specifically. It can make you question everything.

Major Motoko Kusangi leans to her side, lifting her knee off of me and pivoting 45 degrees to crouch at my side, on all fours. Her eyes fix upon my cock, shaft lying lazily against my belly, half-hidden by blue jeans. I notice how gravity tugs at her breasts. Her nipples, like eyes, seem to stare at the couch.

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She pulls my cock all the way out and it hardens quickly as she slips it into her mouth. “Do you want me to suck your dick?” She doesn’t wait for an answer. She leans in, holding it steady, so it points up at the ceiling, and lowers her head to let it slide into her mouth.

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Her technique is a combination hand job and blow job, what Urban Dictionary calls a Blandjob. She bobs up and down two or three times, the licks the shaft from my testicles to the tip. This is repeated a few times, and I imagine that it’s my clit this is happening too, here on the Real Reel. When it’s time to start fucking, she doesn’t ask. She climbs back on top of me. In the VR porn space, it’s visceral, because her head pitches forward as she finds the spot and sinks down, her vaginal opening parting to let it all in.

Her pace is quick from the start. Knees planted on the couch, arms crossed behind her back and planted on the narrow stretch of fabric between my legs, her hip flexors contracting. I watch the muscles in her long legs as she rises and falls on my cock. Sometimes she stares up a the ceiling, evincing a feeling that seems sacramental, holy, as if celestial flames might rise up from the floor behind her.

Motoko gives blowjob in VR Cosplay porn ghost in the shell parodyOn the Real Reel, I’m glad I’ve decided to use the bed. It’s even more real because I can be lying back, just like I am in the Virtual Reel. And I can star up at her face, grimacing with joy and excitement at the rhythm, and the electric friction of the VR Cosplay Porn experience. She takes a break to pull my jeans down further, so they rest just above my knees. Then she shimmies forward so that her chest is pressed against my cock. Buried in her cleavage, she spits on my cock and begins titty-fucking me. Her fingers interlocked, covering her nipples, she slides her tits up and down on my cock. The viscous consistency imparted by her saliva makes the sensation exciting. It’s clear that Zenda Sexy has been in this position before. I’ve never given a guy a titty fuck. But now I want to, if only to ask him if it actually feels good. I mean it looks like it feels good, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

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At the 21-minute mark she gets off me, and turns herself around to get in the Reverse Cowgirl position, but before she swallows my cock with her pussy, she gives me a nice ass show, leaning forward, so her torso is parallel with my legs. She reaches behind her, slapping her ass, fingering her pussy, and playing with her clit, looking over her shoulder, into my eyes, to see how I’m liking it. I hope she knows I’m smiling, but I’m eager to get back to the fucking. And it’s almost like she heard me because after one last punctuating slap on her ass, she rises to one leg and slips my cock back in that warm space.

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To ensure we get as deep as possible, she cups her ass cheeks pulling them tight so that her vulva careens with my pubic mound when her hip muscles slacken. I’m responding to her rhythm. My ass muscles flexing to get closer, buried deeper. That’s happening on the Real Reel now, too. My pussy’s getting pretty wet from this VR Cosplay Porn movie, and I’ve two fingers on my right hand circling my clit, stroking clitoral hood. Warm heat streaks the back of my legs like friendly little snakes.

VR Cosplay Porn Ghost in the Shell parody Major Kusangi reverse cowgirlSeven minutes later, she wants to switch positions. Kusangi gets off me, and places herself between my legs in a kneeling position. “Do you like it?” She asks, smiling seductively, biting her lower lip, and alternately stroking and sucking my cock. When she leans in closer, her head about level with my pecs on the Virtual Reel, her breasts flank my cock. And there is something about the textural difference between her palms and breasts that really sends me. Or maybe it’s just the way her eyes look into my own.

I want to get back to fucking, though. She seems to sense this. I swear she nods at me as I’m thinking that. And she straddles me again, getting back in the cowgirl position. She places one hand on my chest to keep from falling forward, the other arm is outstretched, going out of frame. It seems like she’s getting there, and I am, too. Here on the Real Reel, my own hip flexors and butt muscles are twitching, and I slip a finger inside my pussy. Geez, I’m glad I’m on the bed! The 3D audio in this VR Cosplay porn scene envelops me, but I can tell I’m moaning for real, and loud enough that maybe my neighbors can hear if they’re home.

VR Cosplay Ghost in the Shell parody Zenda Sexy in the studio giving a POV blowjobAt the 34-minute mark I’m beginning to come, just as Motoko is climbing off me to finish me off with her mouth. She perches herself at my side, sucking and stroking my cock. And I’m picturing her between my real legs, my woman legs, her tongue flicking against my clit. And that image, that’s just what I needed to get there. As she strokes my cock on the Virtual Reel, I’m blind from a flash of color and music on the Real Reel. My legs contract and twitch involuntarily, as a wave of pleasure washes over me. While, on the VR porn scene, sperm shoots forth from my cock onto her face. The Major draws the slick cum across her mouth, and then suddenly, slips back to sleep.

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I enjoyed this VR Cosplay Porn scene thoroughly. The action in VR Cosplay Ghost in the Shell wasn’t singular. Most of the moves Major Kusangi made, I’ve seen before. And the set was relatively simple, where set pieces are concerned, compared to other productions from VRCosplayX studio. Maybe it was the lighting, which I loved, or the sound which really filled me up, or Zenda Sexy’s eyes that seemed to be able to stare into oblivion, but this VR cosplay porn movie satisfied me thoroughly, and for that VR Cosplay Ghost in the Shell gets four, count them, four Logan Legend medallions!

Illustration of Logan Legend that indicates 1 star for rating of VR cosplay porn movie Illustration of Logan Legend that indicates 1 star for rating of VR cosplay porn movie Illustration of Logan Legend that indicates 1 star for rating of VR cosplay porn movie Illustration of Logan Legend that indicates 1 star for rating of VR cosplay porn movie Illustration of Logan Legend that indicates 0 star for rating of VR cosplay porn movie

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