PlayStation VR Review

As your well-rounded VR Cosplay Porn blogger, I’m trying to review all of the big HMDs out there, specifically those that include software. Over the years, we have seen some fantastic advances in technology. With this, many great products have been introduced but one has caught the attention more than most in this time – virtual reality. Currently, some of the biggest names have been investing in VR technology including HTC, with its Vive, and Samsung, with its Gear VR, and today we will be looking at another in the shape of Sony with their PlayStation VR.


If you’re interested in purchasing a VR device for gaming or watching VR porn, you will probably look towards the price first so it is important to note that Sony has gone for the cheaper side of the market. Whilst the Oculus Rift sits at $600 and the HTC Vive at $800, you would forgive Sony for reaching the same kind of market but the device is actually priced at around $400. However, it is important to note that a PlayStation Camera will also be required.

When you order the product, you will receive a processor unit, HDMI cable, earphones, cleaning cloth, manuals, demo disc, various cables, and, of course, the VR headset. Although there are a significant amount of cables involved, the installation is actually very simple and can be done within half hour. As long as you can master the many cables, the setup isn’t a problem and seems to avoid driver updates, system requirements, graphic options, and the other steps that normally lead to frustration.

Although VR technology has come a long way, it’s fair to say that the devices haven’t been the best looking products we have seen…until now. With the PlayStation VR, you have a device that you don’t have to hide away as it looks rather good on a shelf. With a sleek design, it offers a handy size and a great little adapter to control volume. Once on your head, you simply press a small button at the rear to adjust the size and make it fit as snug as necessary. With some models, you know that you’re wearing a headset which can lead to pain and aching after prolonged use but the PlayStation VR offers something different. Resting nicely in place, you hardly feel it even after a some time.

Furthermore, users will benefit from two tracking lights on the back of the device which means that you could turn 180 degrees and everything will still work. With the Oculus, frustration often comes from the fact that it cannot handle the sensor being behind the player. If we were to mention a fault for the PSVR, it would have to be the area you see beneath the headset. However, you soon forget about this when you’re playing a gripping game.

From the three big names, the PlayStation VR boasts the lowest quality with 1080p on a 5.7-inch OLED screen. On paper, this is different to the 2,160×1200 resolution used by Vive and Oculus on each eye. When using the devices though, it will be very hard to spot the difference because the picture is unbelievably clear and crisp. In the interest of gaining the full picture, we should note that details at a distance suffer a little. Sometimes, the objects far away just become a wash of color. This being said, the PSVR does have the advantage of 120Hz rendering whereas the others use 90Hz – this leads to much smoother pictures.

Overall, Sony Playstation VR is the best on the market…if you’re sporting a Playstation already. It lacks key features that make watching VR Cosplay Porn optimal. At present, the ecosystem is much more closed off than its higher-end rivals like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. So if you’re looking to watch your favorite section of the VR Cosplay Overwatch parody, or that hot scene in the VR Cosplay League of Legends parody, it’s all viewable on the Playstation VR, but you’re not going to get the stereoscopic 3D experience that you get on other devices, or even Gear VR, or Google cardboard for that matter.

But it does offer high-quality and performance and is naturally suited to gaming since it comes from the PlayStation family. If you’re looking for a VR device this year, the PlayStation VR will treat you well!