Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung has revealed its VR headset alongside Galaxy Note 7. The Samsung Gear VR is compatible with all Samsung Galaxy phones. Obviously, you know I’m biased since the Gear VR is how I watch VR Cosplay porn and everything else in the virtual reality space. The new Samsung Gear VR looks identical to the previous Samsung VR headset but has more appealing black look instead of previous white. This VR gear is built in partnership with Oculus. Some other improvements have been made as well. The foam against your face is less prone to absorb sweat and head strap of Samsung Gear VR has been made more comfortable for better VR experience.

The new VR headset–or should I say, VR Porn, headset, features an external port enabling you to attach further accessories directly like plug-in frame controllers and cameras like Gear 360. The new Samsung Gear VR is compatible backwards. The USB Type-C plug is replaceable with micro-USB version. All you need to do is switch the adapter. Samsung Gear VR is much better than similar products available in market presently. It’s the premier mid-level device for everything, from playing games in the Steam store to watching Tracer get busy in the VR Cosplay Overwatch parody.

As long as you are Samsung Galaxy fan, you are good, as Samsung Gear VR requires a Samsung Galaxy phone to power it. The new VR headset does not have any internal hardware rather it is powered by Oculus technology as a result of a partnership between Samsung and Oculus VR.

The VR headset looks like a high-tech snorkel mask. The two lenses inside turn the screen of your Samsung Galaxy phones into VR experience viewed sideways. A slider at the top adjusts the distance of lenses from the eyes.
The edge that sits beside your face has two foam layers that make the Samsung Gear VR give you a comfortable VR experience. This VR headset primarily made of plastic is much lighter than the previous edition.

The headset has two straps. One goes round the back of head with padded leather pad at bottom. The other one goes over top of your head and attaches it to one end of rear strap on the other side. The top strap has a white portion having a leather padded section for more comfortable usage. There is a touch panel and return button on right side and a volume rocker in front making navigation simpler.
Samsung Gear VR comes with a smart black panel that acts as a protective cover when you are not using it. An added groove makes plugging headphones into phones while being docked easy. The design is made for user friendliness and comfort.

This VR headset has 96-degree field of view. That may not sound much but when combined with accurate 360 degree head tracking gives incredibly immersive result. The initial set up is basic but time taking as some content and apps have to be installed.

The Oculus user interface is easy to navigate and work. Samsung and Oculus teamed up with game developers to make your VR experience more appealing.

Galaxy phone compatible only
Resolution is somewhat disappointing
Expensive game content
The lenses mist up after each session causing wiping and readjusting constantly before they reach you face temperature

Final Verdict:
For someone already using Samsung, Gear VR is easy to use with lot of appeal. Those who do not have Galaxy could see further options.